One of the oldest and most popular sports to bet on is horse racing. Over the years, horse racing enthusiasts have found all sorts of methods to accurately, and sometimes not so accurately, make money by predicting the winners. Gamblers make use of many tactics to predict the winners. When it comes to horse racing, there are very specific tricks that are used. Firstly, gamblers study the form, they closely spend days and nights studying the daily racing form of the horse. They do not engage in blind betting but rather in watching every single detail very closely.

They study hard in order to predict the winners. There are different ways of betting and various ways to win. They study the horses, the jockeys, the trainers and the overall form in order to accurately pick up a trend or a pattern. They also pay attention to odds and favourites, gather all the information and then predict the races. If a horse has won in 2 of the major races before, it is logical that it may win again. However, the age of the horse, number of wins and losses and various other information needs to be taken into account. Horse racing predictions go very in depth and horse racing friends can sit together for hours at a time discussing and carefully planning how to win races.

There are different ways to bet and this also helps in predicting the winners. For example, a pick six can pay a fortune if you win it but it requires picking six horses to win in six races in a row. The horse needs to come in first place in all the six races in order to win. Many people take a pick six bet together and they do this week after week. They may predict the winners in some of the races but not all the six. When they do eventually hit it lucky, they split the money which results in big winnings.