Betting on sport has become a mainstay of today’s sporting scene. Many people do not just derive entertainment from games, but have also made it their business to bet on their favourite teams. This allows for even more enjoyment of the game, particularly when one wins a bet or hits a jackpot.

Central to sport betting is the ability to make predictions about the outcome of games. Many sport punters start here, by developing a strong belief in their ability to correctly predict how a game will pan out, and seeking to capitalise on this ability. It may serve a punter reasonably well to predict the outcomes. But even the most ardent sport fan will sometimes fail to predict the outcome of a game, and end up on the losing side. In this article, you can read about some of the rookie errors that punters frequently make in sport predictions.

Getting Overly Emotional

Successful sport predictions require a rational mind. This, however, is easier said than done. Punters must put their love affairs with particular teams or players on hold if the team’s chances of winning are slim. The golden rule in the Sports betting arena is: predict rationally with your head, not emotionally with your heart. Betting on a favourite team just for the sake of it could end up being a costly affair.

Overreliance on Pundits and Commentators

Most games have reputable former players acting as studio analysts, pundits, or commentators. These pundits harbour opinion which may sometimes be subjective. Biases shown by pundits may be a result of their past experiences or cognitive preferences. For a punter to swallow these opinions uncritically can be a grave and costly mistake. It is advisable to conduct one’s own research and analysis, looking at all the relevant facts with an open mind.